vSSH for iOS

vSSH is an advanced SSH and Telnet client for iOS platform (iPhone, iPad) with extended keyboard, touch screen support and iCloud connections and macros sharing.

Key features:

  • SSH and Telnet protocols
  • External keyboard support
  • Username/password and public/private Keys authentication
  • Arrows and Scrolling using Touch screen
  • iCloud connections and macros sharing with other vSSH apps (for iPhone, iPad and OS X)
  • Multi-sessions
  • Background work (up to 10 minutes with alert)
  • Key forwarding
  • Port forwarding
  • Macros support
  • Select and Copy/Paste text
  • Extended customizable keyboard
  • Customize font size and colors
  • Customize touch screen gestures
  • Reset your private data at any time
  • Logging (view and print saved logs)
  • Auto/fixed terminal size settings
  • Pseudographics support
  • Association with *.vssh file format and ssh:// telnet:// vssh-ssh:// vssh-telnet:// URI schemas
  • Wide unicode characters (e.g. korean) are supported