SSH Control

SSH Control is a powerful tool which allows you to control your remote servers via SSH protocol as easy as your TV using Remote Control. Create buttons, switches, labels, bind them to hosts and write shell scripts for various control events.

The following controls are available:

  • Button (just executes shell script)
  • Switch / Switch button (execute different scripts for enable, disable and scheduled check actions)
  • Status (execute script and extract value for displaying from the output using regular expressions)
  • Label

Key features:

  • iCloud synchronization (If you are using vSSH, you can re-use your existing host connections, macros and keys)
  • Bind several hosts to single remote control
  • Bind macros to events
  • Copy remote controls
  • Export/import remote controls and hosts
  • Build-in powerful terminal (vSSH like)
  • Various appearance settings for each kind of control