Velestar Radio

All your favorite and the most popular radio stations in the single iOS application (for iPhone/iPad) .

Sure, here You will find Velestar Radio app specially for you. It may be radio app with you local country stations database (e.g. UK Radio, USA Radio) or radio app of any music genre (e.g. DnB Radio, Metal Radio or even Anime Radio).

All radio apps has an easy-to-use interface and has a lot of advanced features like stream recording, background playing, current song title displaying, alternative streams for many stations, alarms and playback timer.

Download Belarus Radio for free to try all app features and buy your radio app if you like it.

Algeria Radio
Ambient Radio
Anime Radio
Argentina Radio
Australia Radio
Austria Radio
Belarus Radio
Belgium Radio
Blues Radio
Bosnia and Herzegovina Radio
Brazil Radio FM
Bulgaria Radio
Canada Radio
Chile Radio FM
China Radio FM
Christian Radio FM
Classic Radio
Colombia Radio
Comedy Radio
Costa Rica Radio
Country Radio
Cyprus Radio
Czech Republic Radio
Denmark Radio FM
DnB Radio
Dominican Republic Radio
Ecuador Radio FM
El Salvador Radio
Estonia Radio FM
Finland Radio
Folk Radio
France Radio FM
Germany Radio
Goth Radio
Greece Radio
Hip Hop Radio
Hong Kong Radio
House Radio
Hungary Radio
Iceland Radio
Indian Music Radio
Indie Radio
Indonesia Radio
Ireland Radio
Italia Radio
Japan Radio FM
Latino Radio
Latvia Radio
Lithuania Radio
Love Radio FM
Luxembourg Radio FM
Macedonia Radio
Metal Radio
Mexico Radio FM
Netherlands Radio
New Zealand Radio
Norway Radio
Peru Radio FM
Philippines Radio FM
Poland Radio
Portugal Radio FM
Puerto Rico Radio FM
Punk Radio
R&B Radio
Radio Dubstep
Radio Iran
Radio Israel
Radio Jazz
Radio Jordan
Radio Kids
Radio Lebanon
Radio Malta
Radio Rock
Radio South Korea
Radio Sri Lanka
Radio Student
Radio Xmas
Reggae FM
Retro Radio
Romania Radio
Russia Radio
Serbia Radio
Slovakia Radio
Soundtrack Radio
South Africa Radio FM
Spanish Radio
Sport Radio
Sweden Radio
Switzerland Radio
Techno Radio
Thailand Radio
Trance Radio
Tunisia Radio FM
Turkey Radio FM
UK Radio
Ukraine Radio
Uruguay Radio FM
USA Radio FM
Venezuela Radio FM